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HFPA Hamper
HFPA Hamper

HFPA Hamper
Valued at R23,500

Founded in 1979, HFPA was one of the first organisations, internationally, to recognise and act upon the need for representation and specialised training for the sport and fitness industry. Since then we have lead the way as a Higher Education Institution for health, wellness and fitness professionals around the world.

We Offer
• Specialty Health & Fitness Courses
• Introduction Courses
• Group Instructor Courses
• Mind & Body Courses
• Sport Psychology Courses
• First Aid Courses

Online: Our online courses allow anyone to study from anywhere in the world.
Offline: Our lectured courses enable students to enjoy studying at one of our world-class campuses.

Our mission is to maintain a leading position as a Higher Education Institution in the health and fitness industry while contributing to its long term growth and success. We also promise to always represent the interests of our students and to provide services according to their evolving needs.

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My Body Guru Hamper

Last week's prize

My Body Guru

Irresistible, mouth watering, delectable, protein packed healthy treats

Valued at R1,000

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HFPA Hamper

This week's prize


NCIF part-time course including 3 bonus courses: Functional Training Specialist, Sports Nutrition & Kettlebell Fundamentals.

Valued at R23,500

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Feel Good & Co Hamper

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Feel Good & Co

Win 4 pairs of Modibodi specialised underwear designed for women. Keeps you feeling good all day long!

Valued at R1,685

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